Piet Mondriaan Paintings

Piet Mondriaan's paintings captivate art collectors due to their revolutionary abstraction and profound influence on modern art. His early work, featuring landscapes and natural scenes, showcases his roots in Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. These pieces are prized for their vibrant use of color and brushwork, hinting at his future direction. Collectors value these works as they represent the artist's formative years and transition from traditional representation to abstraction.


Mondriaan's later work, characterized by geometric abstraction and primary colors, fundamentally transformed 20th-century art. His iconic style, De Stijl, with its grid patterns and limited color palette, sought to express universal harmony and order. These pieces are highly sought after for their pioneering role in minimalism and abstract art, influencing artists, architects, and designers worldwide.


Mondriaan's influence extends beyond painting; his principles shaped movements in graphic design, architecture, and fashion, making his work pivotal in the evolution of modern aesthetics. Collectors are drawn to Mondriaan not only for the aesthetic appeal of his works but also for their historical significance and enduring impact on contemporary art and design.

Piet Mondriaan

Stream Bordered by Wooded Landscape

c. 1894-96

28.5 x 37 cm

Oil on canvas, mounted on board


Signed lower right: Pieter Mondriaan


Private collection


Price on request