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Joop Polder Brochure
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Royal artist


Joop Polder was born in 1939 in The Hague, in The Netherlands. He graduated from several academies of visual arts in Europe and has successfully worked as an artist for many years. Joop Polder gets his inspiration from architecture and from his own dreams. In fact, most of his paintings are the product of his dreams and represent the way he would like to see the world around us. Joop Polder’s paintings are restful and quiet, as a strong contrast to the stress of everyday life. His paintings are filled with trains and trams, for which he has a passion. You could even say that sometimes they behave like human beings. His enormous collection of antique small-scale models reflects this passion.


Joop Polder’s paintings are shown in a select number of galleries and have become part of important international art collections, such as the Museum in The Hague, the private art collection of King Willem-Alexander and Princess Beatrix, and other members of the Dutch Royal family.


Art on commission: exclusively for clients of Art Gallery Voûte, Joop Polder can paint your house, (royal) residence, custom made. For more information about this art on commission, please contact Art Gallery Voûte.


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