Art Gallery Voûte opened its doors in 1994 in Rotterdam and from 2001 at the Grote Markt in the historic city of Schiedam, The Netherlands. It is situated at the main square of the city, surrounded by well-known culinary establishments and is close to the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam and other museums. 


AGV incorporates 150 m2 of art collections, including an exhibition space, office and storage. It handles all media in contemporary art, including paintings, sculptures and photography. AGV is also specialized in bronzes of high quality, designed by recognized Dutch sculptors.


Since 1994 the gallery is lead by Edwin Voûte. Annemarie Voûte joined in 2005. Edwin Voûte is a former civil lawyer at Deloitte in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Annemarie Voûte is a Gallerina, taking care of the creative challenges of the gallery.


AGV represents about 25 artists, local and foreign and through all generations. The policy on art work sold is strict. The art presented has to match with gallery policy. Works presented need to be renewing, colorful, alive, challenging and inquisitive.


The gallery exhibits its careful selected artists 6 times a year through specific “highlights”. Furthermore AGV takes part in art exhibitions in Europe and visits art events regularly. AGV is creating an international network of cooperation with galleries from over the world.


AGV believes in reality and therefore follows the art markets and its economics closely. It is able to support and consult clients and third parties for extending and upgrading their art collection within the content wanted and the right economic and legal environment.


Therefore Edwin and Annemarie are proud to present their gallery AGV to you, the visitor.

In 2019 it will be 25 years of art experiences, incredible works, challenging artists and successful exhibitions. AGV is looking forward to sharing its enthusiasm for art with you.


Schiedam, The Netherlands. March 15th 2018