Banana Prata Madeira | Designer: Nini Andrade Silva | Material: Earthenware | Limited Edition: 125 | Hand Painted Complements | 215 x 515 x 225 mm | Price on request


Nini Andrade Silva is one of the most prestigious interior designers in the world. Born in Funchal - Madeira Island - Nini graduated in Design at the Institute of Visual Arts, Design and Marketing (IADE) in Lisbon, and simultaneously pursued her academic and professional experience abroad, where she studied and worked in New York, London, Paris, South Africa and Denmark. Nini's work has international recognition, having put the name of Portugal alongside the biggest and best designers in the world, being the creative mind behind multiple hotels


The universe of an artist is always characterised by aesthetic and territorial references. This applies to Nini Andrade Silva, who in Banana Prata Madeira, a masterpiece created exclusively for Bordallo Pinheiro, forming part of the official commemorations of the 600th anniversary of the Discovery of Madeira, draws inspiration from the vast geographic territory where she was born.