Herman van Veen. Glazenkast II, acrylic on canvas

Christophe Lesage, Tiziane. Limited Edition.

Christophe Lesage, Tiziane. Limited Edition. An uncensored version is also available. We will show this upon request.

New. Kevin Langedijk

“Do I get to say thank you this time?” Mary-Jane Watson. Mixed media on canvas, 150x100 cm.

More than 40 vintage Spiderman comics were used to create this artwork.

New. Kevin Langedijk

Mixed media on canvas, 100x100 cm.

More than 20 vintage Superman comics were used to create this artwork.

Jeroen Buitenman, Black Fish, 120x95 cm.

Jeroen Buitenman, Angel, oil on canvas, 150x200 cm

Jeroen Buitenman, Flemengo, oil on canvas, 90x120 cm

Ton Voortman, Premiere, bronze, 55 cm,  Edition: 8

Elise Coenen, Alegria, bronze

Edwin Voûte, Quatro Estações

Seulement Femmes, Palazzo II. Lambda photoprint, pasted on dibond, with or without frame. Limited Edition: 8. 90x108 or 120x100 cm. Free shipping.

Willemien Fransen, Polar Bears, bronze

Herman van Veen, Red, acrylic on canvas, 210x210 cm.

Herman van Veen. Compositie in kleur, melodie in blauw. 140 x 200 cm.

Herman van Veen Wat zonder hem ondraaglijk scheen, 80x100 cm

Rene Jacobs, paintings and objects

Seulement Femmes, Honoré VII.


Frits Kloppers, Mystery, bronze, 50 cm, edition: 8

Ton Voortman, Stella Maris, bronze

Seulement Femmes Photography, Soirée en Vert II

Elise Coenen, bronze, 110 cm

Joop Polder, the Garden, oil on canvas, 120x100 cm

Jeroen Buitenman, Black Lace, oil on canvas, 115x135 cm

Girl with the Face Mask

While the Corona virus is still going on the Girl with the Pearl Earring, that is my Girl with the Pearl Earring, has decided to protect herself.

Size: 10 x 9 cm. Materials: wooden frame, printed design with UV protection coat and metal hanging system. 
EUR 12,50

Rebecca Cabau van Kasbergen, bronze, 70x35 cm

Elise Coenen, Passione, bronze, 70 cm, edition: 8

Ming Hou Chen, optical glass

Storm, Ilya Rashap

Marcel Rozenberg, Portraits through the ages, 90x60 cm. Oil on panel.

Lolo Loren. You and your shadow. 

Greyhound, brass, 140x40 cm.

Greyhound, brass, 140x40 cm.

Brronze cranes, 160 cm.

Joop Polder, The Palace, oil on canvas, 80x100 cm. Price on request.

Frits Kloppers, Abstract, bronze, 45 cm. Limited Edition of 7.

Lolo Loren. Tree

Daan van Golden, paintings & screen prints

Andreas Kock Elsa Hosk

Ilya Rashap

Andre Woussen, Contact, bronze, 120x100 cm.