Lise Lorraine Gelderman (Lolo Loren) was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


When Lolo finishes a painting, the story is made about that painting. When you look long enough you will discover hidden faces or items or things to see which are not seen or seen differently by others, suddenly appearing without purpose.


A couple of years ago Lolo started to use a lot of mixed materials like cement, clay, sand, raw pigments and extra pieces of canvas, Arabic gum etc. Being difficult to hold together on the main canvas she uses a layer – sometimes more layers – of a glossy coating to seal it. This brings a three-dimensional look and feel to these works and the colors become brighter – an effect contrasts with the raw materials in the art.


From painting came photography, the pictures Lolo takes are of herself, with her own camera, not knowing what the end result will be. Her interaction with the camera position and her feelings in that moment determine the final image. Lolo’s only goal is that the images let you explore your own thoughts and desires, sometimes mysterious, sensual or even erotic. She hopes to help others believe in their own beauty, and understand that the perfect picture doesn’t exist and can’t be created. This aim for perfection fuels an unrealistic desire for having more, better, smarter, tighter… a burden which makes us forget what actually is… you are perfect as you are!




Esmod Academie Paris

Economics University of Amsterdam

Vogue Academie Amsterdam




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