Jeroen Buitenman. Born in 1973 in Amsterdam, painting in Madeira Island for 8 years, trying to get the most out of the colours with oil paintings.

Jeroen Buitenman decided in 1997 to dedicate himself fully to the oil painting technique and to develop his own style. Many exhibitions at home and abroad followed. To this day, with the help of the beautiful light of the island of Madeira, Jeroen has mainly specialized in the use of colors and in particular the reaction of the colors in relation to each other. Inspired by old masters and working for a major perfume house, his self-taught training and themes revolved around female beauties.

Jeroen Buitenman, oil on canvas, 110x128 cm.

Jeroen Buitenman, Flamengos, oil on canvas,125x90 cm. SOLD

Jeroen Buitenman, Sunset Celebration, oil on canvas, 90x150 cm. SOLD

Jeroen Buitenman, Kari Flore, oil on canvas, 120x175 cm. SOLD

Jeroen Buitenman, Queen of birds, oil on canvas, 90x120 cm. SOLD

Jeroen Buitenman, Think Fast, oil on canvas, 95x95 cm. SOLD