Jeffrey Burger, Singularity VI, painted iron. Horizontal & Vertical. Bits & Bites. Fluorescent. 100 x 100 cm. The crystals absorb UV light and after dark they release energy in the form of a long lasting glow. 

Jeffrey Burger is a real natural talent. This young artist uses a lot of different and astonishing techniques. He can be commissioned for interior decoration, wall paintings and personal paintings that could be placed in your own house, a residence and other venues.


Jeffrey Burger derives much of his inspiration out of ancient times. He thinks it's important to show the beautiful cultural heritage of our world in different aspects and from different perspectives. Jeffrey Burger has a broad skillset like painting landscapes, houses, portraits and animals in an exquisite, realistic and natural way.


The artworks of Jeffrey Burger maintain a constant high standard of quality. Therefore they are considered to be good and stable investments in art.


Jeffrey Burger has had exhibitions in different cities in Europe. In the United Arab Emirates he has exhibited his artwork in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and in the Sharjah Art Museum. His paintings have been bought by international art collectors in Europe, in the Middle-East and companies and private collectors in The Netherlands.