Big Good Gorilla, bronze, 190 cm
Big Good Gorilla, bronze, 190 cm


Big Good Gorilla
Bronze 90/10
190 x 120 x 70 cm
Limited Edition 8

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Force and movement


Frans van Straaten could be called an artist of balance: he is always searching for harmony between force and movement in combination with space. He has mastered a wide range of skills including drawing, painting and sculpting. Through his modelling he creates his own urgent language.


After studying sculpture at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam, Frans van Straaten began creating bronze sculptures in which force and movement are united. Sculpture is an experience of space combined with the challenge of the three-dimensional.


In his sculptures Frans aims to express the tension between space and movement. He tries to convert the power of life and being, feeling and emotion into matter. The experience of space is expressed in the shapes and characters of his sculptures. His bulls express explosive power while his horses find their strength in being elegant.


His background in art history empowers him and his work. The Renaissance period is one of the sources of his inspiration. The works of Leonardo da Vinci for instance, and Giovanni Bologna’s dynamic shapes and forms. Frans is intrigued by the tension between movement and zero gravity. Frans van Straaten’s sculptures are both traditional and original in style. His work has been exhibited in The Netherlands, New York, Caïro, Monte Carlo, Ghent (Belgium), London, Zürich and Madrid.


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