Rene Jacobs paintings

Archive the Dutch pigeonholing mentality.
The Dutch eagerly categorize themselves and others into boxes.

Plastic figurines and acrylic paint in type cases.
106 x 83 cm

Archief de Nederlandse hokjesgeest.

De Nederlanders plaatsen zichzelf en anderen maar wat graag in een hokje.



Plastic poppetjes en acrylverf in letterbakken

On our way

Plastic figurines in antique cheese mold. Diameter 45 cm. We're on our way but no one seems to know where to. EUR 2650.


Rene Jacobs schilderijen
Theater of Silence

Theater of Silence. Plastic dolls and colored epoxy in an antique cheese mold. 41x41x15cm. It is time to take measures, the water is rising and the first people have already disappeared below sea level, but for now it remains silent. EUR 2650.

Rene Jacobs paintings
Rene Jacobs paintings

Netherlands, land of water. Plastic figurines in antique olive barrel with coloured epoxy. Diameter 67 cm.


Silently and apathetically, we watch as the Netherlands slowly but surely disappears beneath the sea level. With the rapidly changing climate, the melting of the polar ice caps, and the rising sea level, it's no longer an unreal scenario. SOLD

Heaven. Plastic dolls in antique brick mold. 15 x 31 cm

Price on request

My idea of Heaven fell short as a child. It is true that everyone leads a carefree life in Heaven, but it is also a bit of a dead end. And even worse: once you are in Heaven is there a way back? EUR 950.


SOLD, God is another DJ. Oil on panel, 26x32 cm

SOLD. Tweedeling

Plastic poppetjes en MDF in antieke lade

41 x 40 cm

Rene Jacobs schilderijen
We are the girl with the pearl earring
Rene Jacobs, Archief de Branding, Olieverf op sloophout in antieke letterbakken, 83 x 86 cm  Jaar: 2022. Prijs op aanvraag
Rene Jacobs, Archief de Branding, Olieverf op sloophout in antieke letterbakken, 83 x 86 cm Jaar: 2022. Prijs op aanvraag
Rene Jacobs paintings
Lingo, oil on canvas, 50x70 cm
Rene Jacobs paintings
Pasaporte por favor, 70x50 cm

Schiedam Girl with Jenever and Windmill
9x10 cm. EUR 15

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Schiedam Girl with Jenever and Zakkendragershuisje
9x10 cm, EUR 15.
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 SOLD. Title: 2019. Crowd images from 2019 now seem surreal and antique. Material: 200 dolls in an antique cheese mold. Size: diameter 14 cm. 


Rene Jacobs
It’s in the eye of the beholder

SOLD. It's in the eye of the beholder New! 13 x 26 cm Acrylic paint and plastic dolls in an antique French butter mould. Price on request


Rene Jacobs paintings
High tea with sugar, Mixed media on canvas, 85x80 cm
Rene Jacobs schilderijen
Superman in Rotterdam, 20x80 cm

René Jacobs is a 48 year old artist who was born in Rotterdam. Rene Jacobs always has been fascinated by the past and its relation with the present. Painters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Rogier van der Weyden and Vermeer have been his teachers and have remained an important source of inspiration. He has given some of their masterpieces a humorous twist to bring them back to our present time.


The Mona Lisa was given braces (made from iron wire and molted lead) to reveal the secret behind her mysterious smile.


The nun from Rogier van der Weyden is smoking a cigarette and seems to communicate with God via circles of smoke.


The Girl with the Pearl Earring was transformed into an image of pixels. The painting has been created with small blocks of old, painted wood. The viewer is invited to create his own girl with the pearl earring in his imagination.


But the work of Rene Jacobs goes beyond the recreation of well-known masterpieces. Rene Jacobs is also fascinated by the way modern times are changing the classical landscape. This theme is captured in the “battle of the windmills”. Rene Jacobs has painted some modern windmills on top of an existing, hand painted tile tableau from the fifties with classical windmills.


Finally the old meets the new in the painting “No Satisfaction 4 Keith” where Keith Richards is cleaning the streets to make a living. His fame has crumbled into obscurity but the rock star inside him will never die. In this painting Rene Jacobs is combining modern digital techniques with classical oil paint. Past meets present in the colourful and humorous artworks of Rene Jacobs.