Seulement Femmes, Abu Dhabi

"The beauty of a woman, vulnerable in her power, is emphasized by her elegance..."


Fine Art Photography.


Growing up in Rotterdam, I was introduced to fashion, styling and interior design. My mother was a great example for me and for many around her. She exuded flair, elegance and ambiance. All my life I have been busy with these three words. I dragged things from the living room to my own room and I put on my mother's dresses with far too large stiletto heels.


Later I made collages of pictures from fashion magazines and I dreamt of fashion shows and being creative. I knew exactly how I would like it to be.


In the end I had many different jobs after fashion and clothing institute. The gallery owner, then not yet my husband, shared the same love for sophistication and style.


Inspired by the gallery and my husband I started again with collages, followed by photography; I had never abandoned interior design and styling. Inspiration is never far off when I look around. I paint with ambiance; editing collages is a medium for me in combination with acrylic paint and silicone paste. A prerequisite for me is that it breathes the atmosphere I intend to convey. Also I paint with pixels and I use a lot of layers in my photography collages.


Creating work for women gives me satisfaction and strength; as a starting point the woman is covered with eyes, her soul remains a secret… 


The beauty of a woman, vulnerable in her power, is emphasized by her elegance. 

Exclusively sold by Art Gallery Voûte.


Limited Edition: 8. Sizes: 60x90, 80x120, 100x150 or 120x180 cm.

Signed and numbered by the artist.

Canon Foto Print Hahnemühle Photorag paper or Lambda photo mounted on dibond 3 mm.

 With or without a layer of plexiglass.


Including a certificate of authenticity.


Free shipping worldwide


Price on request


You have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days, for any reason and without a justification. 


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Honoré IV

Soirée en Vert


The Corset

Metropole I

Undressed I


Avenue de Jardin Cinquante II

Avenue de Jardin Cinquante III

Avenue de Jardin Cinquante IV

Avenue de Jardin Cinquante V

Boudoir de Folies

Undressed II


Honoré I

Soirée en Rose

Honoré II

Soirée en Vert II

Honoré III

La Sposa de Palazzo Citterio

La Sposa de Palazzo Citterio II
Limited Edition. From EUR 750

Honoré V

Allegra II

A night in Rotterdam I

Une nuit à Anvers I

Avenue de Jardin Cinquante I

Honoré VI

A night in Rotterdam II

Une nuit à Anvers II

Soirée en Rouge




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