by Annemarie Voûte

Seulement Femmes by Annemarie Voûte


Paintings and photography


Growing up with a golden edge, I was introduced to fashion, styling and interior. My mother exuded flair, elegance and ambiance. She was my great example and for many around her.


In all my life so far I have been busy with these 3 words, I dragged things from the living room to my own room and I put on my mother's dresses with far too large stiletto heels.


Later I made collages of pictures from fashion magazines and I dreamt of fashion shows and creating. I knew exactly how I would like it to be.


In the end I had many different jobs after fashion and clothing institute and I ended up in the art gallery. The gallery owner, then not yet my husband, shared the same love for sophistication and style.


Through the gallery I started again with collages and photography followed, interior and styling have always been there. I absorb inspiration all day when it presents itself.


I paint with ambiance, editing collages is a solution for me in combination with acrylic paint and silicone paste. As long as it breathes out the atmosphere. Also I paint with pixels and I use a lot of layers in my photography collages.


Creating a work for women gives me satisfaction and strength, as a starting point the woman is covered with eyes, her soul remains a secret…


The beauty can be seen with the elegance of a woman who is at the same time vulnerable in her power .....



High Quality Photos: Lambda Photo, 3 mm plexiglas in 3 mm Dibond or Lambda Photo on 3 mm Dibond.


Editions: 8 + 2 A.P. 


Sizes: 20 x 30 cm | 40 x 60 cm | 80 x 120 cm | 100 x 150 cm