Roy Shifrin (1938)

Roy Shifrin (1938) was born in New York. He attended the City College of New York and graduated from the Cooper Union School of Art in Manhattan. He served in the military as an artist in the Army Special Forces. He made a career in the United States and Europe.


In 1967 he had his first solo exhibition in Manhattan and the following year his first such exhibition in London. He had four additional solo exhibitions in Manhattan, including a major retrospective in 1984, six in London, seven in Barcelona, and others in Europe and the United States. His work is part of numerous museum and private collections.


Roy Shifrin is considered an established artist. Some of the artist's contemporaries who are of the same generation and country include Ray Harryhausen, Gene Davis, Diane Arbus, Ellsworth Kelly and Roy Lichenstein.


Roy Shifrin's work is represented by the renowned art gallery Richard Norton Gallery in Chicago.


Historical background of the United States

The United States, particularly New York City, remains a focal point that played an important role in the development of modern and contemporary art in the 20th century. The idea of New York as a new multinational and very powerful art center emerged in the post-war period, and the city succeeded in asserting its dominance over Paris, which was once considered the world capital of art. most powerful art. The preponderance of America's political and economic institutions in modern times has given the country a powerful influence on global visual culture. Abstract expressionism, pop art, minimalism, conceptual art, neo-expressionism, graffiti and street art are essential art movements that originated in the United States. Some internationally renowned American artists of the modern era include Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella, Donald Judd, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, Julian Schnabel, Jean- Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring.

Roy Shifrin (1938). Bronze chess Set (edition of 3). Each of the 32 bronze pieces was made in an edition of 3.

A set where "good", polished bronze pieces led by a philosopher king, confront "evil", dark patina pieces led by a bemedaled general. They face one another across a stepped playing board, 53 inches by 53 inches.


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