Ancient forge technique.


Nimrod Messeg was born in Israel in 1970, surrounded by art. His father a famous painter and his mother a famous poet. 


This atmosphere has made the artist he is today: self-taught, autodidact, not following any other current than the one the metal dictates. When he was thirteen years old, Messeg was already making stone sculptures and painting. Later on he started working with wood and it wasnt until fifteen years ago that he discovered the matter which would give him the ultimate wings for his creations. His sculptures are carried out by the ancient forge technique. 


Forging allows Nimrod to explore infinite possibilities, textures and nuances giving a unique, artisanal and unmistakable imprint in every inch of his sculptures. At present days it is very rare to come across an artist like Messeg. With him, the term 'artist' returns to its essence, in which the artist is an artisan. As he creates his sculptures by means of forging, each of his pieces are unique and unrepeatable. Nimrod transforms metal into something beautiful, gentle, light, curvaceous… even soft.


His pieces are crafted artistically solely from wrought iron and can be found in numerous exclusive properties worldwide.


Artist Statement:


During the sculpting process, the element of fire is my primary tool. This powerful force of creation provides me with a deep connection to nature and life itself.


The observation of burning flames, sparks and galactic activity draws me to the extraordinary, almost celestial dimension of this work with its potential for fantasy and escape. The light, heat and fire energy permit me to give birth to an entirely new entity.


Looking at the finished piece of art I can see it in its entirety; from its humble metal beginnings through the creative process and into new and diverse textures, forms and surfaces. Each sculpture gradually takes on a life of its own and, using me as its tool, develops its own personality.”