Because his education Aviation and Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft didn't satisfy him enough, was Herman van Gestel looking for a way to appease his curiosity. He came into contact with photography, which allowed him to embark on a heartfelt journey. Therefore he started as a self-taught photographer.


His talent was recognized: within one and a half year he was admitted to the art academy St. Joost in Breda. He finished his photography degree at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.


In recent years his focus has shifted to fashion photography. Herman has also followed an education to become a make-up artist/stylist, so he could further enrich his work. Therefore this versatile artist is able to represent his own artistic vision regarding fashion, emotions and beauty. Herman van Gestel doesn't register something, his work is rather the result of a quest for beauty and character. Not only does he show people, but he also portrays their emotions and relationship with the surrounding. Every time the viewer discovers something new and special in the photos made by this passionate photographer. In this sense Herman takes you with him in his quest for the soul behind his portrayed humans. 


Many publications consist of autonomous photography by Herman van Gestel, such as:

-ASVZ: The power of Simplicity, development history of the Very Intensive Care-Workhomes, the interaction between autistic people and their coaches/surrounding

-ASVZ: No question is alike, Diversity in care and service, the relationship between coaches and their clients

-Portrait of the Herenstraat: Art project by Herman van Gestel, the relationship between a traveler and a street.


The work of Herman van Gestel, a passionate photographer, is defined by strong forms and the lighting. It searches the relationship between essence and aesthetics, power and passion, intense interpersonal relationships, emotions and desires which are hidden beneath the surface.  


Herman van Gestel has collaborated with i.e. Universal Music Group, L'Oréal, AvantGarde, AvantGarde for MEN, Matrix, Lancôme, Esquire, L.A.F, Nestlé A.G., RTL-Boulevard, Visagie Magazine, People&Gotha, and with various couturiers Awards and international nominations: Coiffure Award, Iconique Societas 2009 (fashion photography), Black & White Spider Awards, double nomination Portrait category, nominee Architecture category.