Ton Voortman La Nuit Edition: 8 Height 55 cm


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Ton Voortman (1948) graduated in 1969 from the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten (Academy of Visual Arts) in Rotterdam. Out of a vague sense of dissatisfaction he gives up sculpting in 1973, but 25 years later he resumes his old craft while continuing to work as an art director. In the following years sculpting starts to become an increasingly important role in his life. Since 2005 he is working exclusively as a sculptor.


In 2010 he introduces his series ‘Associations in Bronze’. The concept of these sculptures is completely different from his earlier series “Graces and Symbols’, but his style remains clearly recognizable. ‘The Red Carpet’ is another step in his search for the invisible while the sculpted female form continues to play an important role.


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