Carice van Houten by Andreas Kock
Carice van Houten

Andreas Kock, The Swedish photographer, known for his extraordinary fashion shoots, portraits and meticulously staged  "Mis en scene” art works, looks to the ideas and images of art and film history for his inspiration. 


Andreas is a very well renowned fashion photographer but have managed to successfully combine commercial work with personal projects and art photography. Andreas work is highly demanded Internationally.


His portfolio contains work for clients such as H&M, Forever 21, Loreal, Halston Heritage, Björn Borg, and Magazines such as Bon Magazine, Costume, Elle, Vogue, Treats, and Playboy to name a few.


Andreas Started out his career as an Art Director but gave up his work in the advertising industry and let the love for Photography take over.


His subjects are female, self-confident, and strong – often shown in provocative poses. His clear, theatrical control of colors and light/dark contrast are reminiscent of the American painter Edward Hopper. Thus he is bound to the desire for the subtextual, the stories that he only suggests with his photographs.



Andreas Kock

Early Morning Sun

Elsa Sylvan & Acne Chief designer Johny Johansson

Elsa Sylvan & Acne Chief designer Johny Johansson

Artwork for designer Sandra Backlund

Artwork for Designer Sandra Backlund

Legs of supermodel Mini Anden

Legs of supermodel Mini Anden