Yvon Koopman was born on 14 December 1952 in Breda, the Netherlands.




Teacher’s degree in art, 1973

Academy of Arts in Rotterdam, 1979 - 1981

Master degree in arts, 1986


Teaching in arts:

Home economy school

High school

University for elementary school teachers




1983 - Project during 5 days in an office building in Schiedam (solo)


1984 - Installation with paper ball’s in gallery 't Heks in Tilburg (solo)


1985 - Participator in a time sculpture during 24 hours with Toin Horves and others in the city museum of The Hague


1986 - Performance "PAPERWEIGHT 90" in museum Prinsenhof Delft (solo)


- Exhibition of sculptures in the city hall of Zwijndrecht (Artista's group)


- Performance "PAPERFIELD" and "TOTAL GRASS in the Madison Art Centre (WI) U.S.A.


1987 - Exhibition in the Zonneruiter Schiphol Amsterdam (artista's group)


- Project with 1000 paper reliefs for Elegance magazine 


- Performance "FOREST" on paper art seminar in Maastricht (solo)


1988 - Project Doos III Tabernacle


1989 - Exhibition "DREAMSCAPE" gallery Joke de Brieder Rotterdam (solo)


- Project "TWIGHLIGHT SOUVENIR" during Theatro Fantastico Rotterdam (solo)


- Project / Performance Doos IV "PAPERNOISE" Rotterdam


- Project "olie op de golven" during 600 th anniversary of Delfshaven (solo)


- Exhibition Art fair Kortrijk Belgium 


1990 - Exhibition in gallery de Groene Weiden  in Lampernis¬se Belgium


- Exhibition in city museum of Gouda (group)


- Exhibition in gallery De Boog in IJsselstein (solo)


- Exhibition in the Waag in Leiden


- Exhibition in A.Z.L. Hospital in Leiden


1991 - Exhibition in gallery Art Propos The Hague


- Project relatie geschenk for Waterschap IJsselmonde


- Project / Exhibition in gallery Tudelu


- Project transformation of tram for R.E.T. Rotterdam


- Project transformation of street cleaner’s car for ROTEB Rotterdam


- Exhibition at Kunstbeurs in Kortrijk Belgium


1992 - Opening and presentation of new logo for Waterleidingbedrijf Z.H.Z


- Exhibition at city hall Schoonhoven


- Project / Performance in collaboration with three choreographers and ballet for 150 years T.U. Delft


- Project transformation of 6 lampposts "FLUISTERPALEN" project FLORIADE Zoetermeer


- Project "Tolerance trophy" for P.W.S Rotterdam


- Project sketch design for children’s daycare centre Schiedam


1993 - Performance "PAPERSCAPE" city museum Schiedam


- Exhibition Kunstbeurs city museum Schiedam 


- Project 1% commission S.P. Sandhage Kijkduin


- Project sketch design environment trophy for city council Schiedam




1994 - Project Story international stage design 


- Opening's presentation with Min. Weiers Congrescentrum Den Haag


1994 - Exhibition Kunstbeurs Stedelijk museum Schiedam 


- Project 40 special gifts for I P Diemen (CAP VOLMAC)


1995 - Project in co-operation with Artotheek Schiedam and three



- Paper sculpture & promo gift for NASHUATEC "PAPER FLOW" convention


- City of Schiedam 31 bronze "parkeer boompjes"


- Opening ceremony for "smartcard" convention

with minister Borst ('t Spant Bussum)


- Opening ceremony for S.P.C. Sandhage

with secretary of state Mrs. Erica Terpstra


1996 - Promotional gifts for emancipation comity Schiedam


- Installation for Nashuatec convention


- Design garbage truck with delfts blue motif


- Performance in Kröller Muller museum for OHRA


1997 - Promotional gifts for OHRA


- Object for AZL Hospital in Leiden


- 200 Objects for T.A.C. in The Hague opening with Drs. W. Deetman


- Group exhibition museum of Schiedam


1998 - R.I.A.G. project Rotterdam


- Promotional gifts for OHRA


- Art project for one century celebration O.N.S. Schiedam


- Exhibition at Bieleveld & Kooy Nijmegen


1999 - Monumental lantern sculpture in a park in Schiedam


- Neon and collage sculpture in Gorinchem


- Performance project in White Water University U.S.A.


2000 - Exhibition in Esslingen Germany

- Light object for school in Schiedam

- Object for Jan Anderson Museum

- Two Objects for city council of De Lier

- Object for Woongoed Rotterdam

- 175 collages for Cum Suis Marketing services


2001 - 16 objects for Royal Huisman Shipyards


- Project painting a tunnel with children in Berkel en Rodenrijs

- Project painting with children in deelgemeente Delfshaven

- Project “Zilt” in Hook of Holland

- Workshop with retarded artists from Europe (Rotterdam 2001)


2002 - Project on “ganzerikplein” in Rotterdam


- Art project on primary  “de Tuimelaar”

- Sketch design for  Schipluiden

- Art books for john de Mol

- Illustrations for ONS annual report


2003 - Art project concerning 58 block’s of flats in Schiedam

- Object for the Rotaryclub Hoogeveen

- Art project with 3 primary schools in Barendrecht


2004 - Visualisation of poems made by pupils Waalsche School Rotterdam

- Art painting project with the tenants of an apartment block in Rotterdam

- Art project with young carers to produce a bronze art piece

- Art project with hairdressers and their clients

- Farewell object for the director of a primer school made with the pupils.


2005 - Room number project for Art hotel Rotterdam

- Concept for anti litter campaign in Spijkenisse awarded in Dutch competition.

- Special presentation for Dutch windmill day in Schiedam

- Breakfast performance in a park in Schiedam.

- Project with residents of an Old people’s home in Rotterdam

- Project painting 1e pile of an apartment block with primary school children


2006 - Design for Cooperative housing project 3000 umbrella’s with a roof tile print

- Art project making road sign’s with primary school children


2007 - Container art project with paper boats in Vlaardingen

- Art project with 3 primary schools Spijkenisse creating 12 meter piece in the water called “the clean(beautiful)  line”.

- Floating art made by children of a primary school in Schiedam swimming pool.

- Art piece in the entrance hall of an apartment building in Schiedam


2008 - Operation “vensterbank” a project creating a giant windowsill with 15  6ft tall flowerpots and trees near Rotterdam Airport.

- 4 Trophy’s made for VROM.


2009 - Tall flowerpot with tree and poem on Lobeliaplein Spijkenisse

- Container art project “waterweg” in Vlaardingen.

- Community art project Schiedam.

- Art project “Allerzielen” cemetery Holy in Vlaardingen.

- Project Cobra paintings for Saint Nicolas arrival in Schiedam with schoolchildren.


2010 - Project roof garden with high school students and elderly people.

- Art project “Winterlicht”in Schiedam.

- Project “Mozaïkbank” with children of OBS het startblok.

- Art project “Fish & Chips” with Snack bar Coby in Schiedam.


2011 - “Vogelhuishuisje” project with parents and children transforming a power distribution.

- “Boerenhekken” fence painting project with various participants from Schipluiden.


2012 - “Gluren bij de buren” participation project with children from the Heldringschool Rotterdam involving a 98 feet printed fence.

- Hidden treasures exhibition in gallery ‘t Walvis.


2013 - Winterlicht project “Lichtspoor” in collaboration with elderly home Jacobs Gasthuis  residents.


2014 - Exhibition Gorcums Museum.

- Exhibition Gemeente Museum Maassluis.

- Project glass recycling “Hippe Vogel” with elementary school St. Josef.

- Exhibition  RAR gallery Spijkenisse 


2015    - Winterlicht project “Pink Clouds for Liduina”

- Project Art Route “Liduina” for city council of Schiedam

- Exhibition Recycle art project Rome Italy

- Exhibition “mooi verpakt” Schiedam


2016 - Project “Kunst van de Duurzaamheid”Vlaardingen


2017 - Project Reminders –

“Proef de Plantage” 

“Plantage Art”


2018 - Winterlicht  Project 




- Exhibition “Wit” gallery Schiedam


- Opening performance Gorcums museum


- Exhibition Art Gallery Voûte Schiedam